“Millennials will overtake Generation X as the largest group of homebuyers in 2015” Zillow Real Estate Ressearch : A Big Year for Buyers

The amount of young and tech savvy home buyers is set to increase this year. Are you ready to do businesses with a more informed, “always connected”, generation of home buyers? Now really is the best time to take your real estate business digital. But don’t take our word for it, check out these strategies, facts, and studies that will help you increase your Millennial customer base


“Younger buyers tend to place higher importance than older buyers on agents’ communication via email and text messages, while older buyers place higher importance on personal calls.”NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends 2015

Most agents and brokers are used to email drip campaigns and phone calls for lead generation and keeping previous clients informed. But if you’re not texting potential leads you’re missing out on a serious opportunity, especially with younger home buyers. Studies have shown the best way to engage with Millennials is with your thumbs. Texting is less intrusive than a phone call and gives agents and brokers a direct line to their prospects. They WILL see your message because you’re sending it to a device that acts as a bridge to their social and digital world.

Social Media

Generation Y is always connected to the internet, and to each other. It’s no secret that Millennials use social media site to supplement their non-digital social interactions and look to the web for most of their purchases, including when their shopping around for an agent.

This means your online and social media presence needs to be stellar. This means

•           A social media page on the biggest platforms, meaning Facebook and Twitter. If you’re comfortable with social media defiantly try to make a splash on Instagram and Pintrest, which are popular social media sites for the younger generation. Click here for a great guide to help you get started.

•           Start a real estate blog on your website, this not only improves your writing skills but can paint you as the local real estate expert. This can also help when people from out of town/state are looking for homes because they can get helpful information when researching homes in the area.  Here is a great guide to get you started on you blog writing.

•           Have some fun, get comfortable, be you. It does not have to be all business, a laid back approach to social media is still best. Be genuine and express your real estate expertise in a fun way, granted you maintain a certain degree of professionalism.

•           Try to find the sweet spot of the frequency of your posts. Posting too little will have no effect on your business but post too much and you will come off as annoying. As a general rule, try not to post more than twice a day on the same social platform.

Website optimization

“50 percent of buyers use a mobile website or application in their home search.”–  NAR Home Buyer and Sellers Profile 2014

Tablets and smarphones are dominating web traffic, 60 percent of all internet use in the U.S.  is from mobile traffic.  The study above shows us half Millennials use some sort of mobile device or app when looking to buy a home, if your site looks bad on a cell phone or tablet people are going to go elsewhere.

Website optimization tips

•           Make sure your site loads fast, really fast. If it takes longer than 5 seconds to load on mobile, it’s too slow!

•           Have a simple design; you don’t need fancy graphics, videos, and animations to be taken seriously. Plus, these things slow down your webpage. There is no magic formula for website layout but just keep things simple and easy to navigate.

•           Reach out to Google and Yahoo to make sure they recognize your site as a business. This allows potential clients to find your site easier. Here are the links for Google and Yahoo, agents and brokers should get on top of this ASAP to expand their exposure.

We also wrote and advance guide for getting higher pager rankings for your real estate website. You can click here to check out advance search engine optimization techniques.

Keeping up with Millennials

No longer are we chained to hulking desktop computers or cumbersome laptops to get work done. According to the Pew Research Center, cell phone ownership among adults has reached 91%– making it the fastest adopted technology in human history.

So if you want to attract more Millennials to your real estate business, agents and brokers need to master working on the go

Respond ASAP

According to Litmus, 51% of all emails in the U.S. are opened on a mobile device. Real estate brokers and agents who deal with a large volume of clients on a daily basis know how important it is to answer emails fast. The problem comes in when agents are dealing with multiple transactions and customers simultaneously because most agents work off multiple email accounts. Try to find a real estate based app to keep all those emails organized and orderly.

Transaction Management

Agents and brokers need to be comfortable managing their transactions from a mobile device. Not only is it convenient, but being able to view the transaction process from anywhere can give Realtor the competitive advantage they need when dealing Millennials.

Docs around the clock

Because of the rise of cloud storage, Realtor’s who work on mobile devices have a big advantage over those who don’t. Since cloud stored documents can be stored and recalled on anything with an internet connection, mobile users are getting a lot more done out of the office and can usually respond quicker to clients. This speed is key to working with Millennials.

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