Contact management in the digital age 

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by Jon Shihadeh

Digital contact management software is the best way to keep track of your customers, period. According to Forbes magazine, nearly half of all businesses in the United States are using a digital form of contact management.

And rightly so, there is just a massive amount of data that can be used to better understand customers.

Still have a Rolodex?

Small real estate businesses and massive brokerages alike need to evaluate their contact management processes if they are still using a physical system to store contacts. The digital age has brought new ways to connect and keep track of customers.  Instead of keeping a “little black book,” try using digital contact management software that keeps your information saved digitally. This insures all of your contacts won’t be destroyed by a computer virus or spilled coffee.

Twitter, and Facebook, and LinkedIn…Oh my

There is just more data on customers out there and collecting it will allow realtors to make smarter business decisions.  Realtors are starting to host open houses on Twitter using the information based on both new and repeat customers. Digital contact management is better for keeping track of this valuable information, so you won’t have to keep track of all your contacts information in the noggin.

Happy Anniversary

It’s no secret that home buyers love follow ups from agents who remember their home buying anniversary. This is one of the best ways to keep customers coming back for more. The best contact management software can help you remember all the important dates about your customers so you can stand out and get those referrals.

Contacts without the clutter

Real estate is a business card orientated industry. Look in your desk, wallet, or purse right now and you may be hit by a tidal wave of calling cards. Realtors using contact management software will save space and retain contacts they meet out in field.  Never lose a business card again!

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