The Realty Commander Customization Upgrade finely tailors your software experience to your business.  It works perfectly with the processes you already have in place, and helps you build your brand with your clients.

So, what do you get with the Realty Commander Customization Upgrade?  Here are just a few of the features added to Realty Commander with the customization upgrade.

Customized Guest Access

Your custom logo in Guest Access

Guest Access helps build your brand within your own community and is the single most used feature within Commander. Now, all of your users will see YOUR logo when logging into the system, which allows your branding to stamped on Realty Commander’s Guest Access features/

 Customized File Progress

The File Progress (or short sale progress) is important for your staff and Guest Access users to follow along and see how the file is moving forward.  This is found on the File Header, and is seen in the File Header as well as in your property pipeline view.

Customized Searches

Create your own pipeline search. You pick columns (you have access to over 100 different fields!), and you set the order.  You can even set filters to further narrow your search.

Your searches will appear in the Navigation Bar, and will be there every time you login.  This helps you build searches that help you be more profitable and get to exactly the data you need.

You can build anything!




Custom document checklist

 Customized Document Checklist

With the upgrade, you can create your own custom document checklists. The system is custom tailored to your document gathering process to help better increase your branding efforts. To create a new document checklist just select the Documents Tab select My Checklists and then (Add New) + from the drop down.

Custom Tags
Stay in command of your contact manager by adding custom tags to your contacts.


This is just a short look into the expanded features of  Realty Commander. if you would like more information please book an appointment with one of our transaction managers here.