By Jon

Digital transaction and productivity systems, software, and apps can take a real estate business to new heights. Scroll down to see how going digital can make you more money and make you a better agent or broker.

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Smarter Transactions:

By using a digital form of transaction management, you can get a clear picture on how much you’re earning on every deal. Here is a study that shows how a digital transaction system can improve your real estate business.

The REAL Trends study surveyed 1,354 real estate brokerage companies during the first two weeks of April 2014. Here are some of the big findings of the study:

  • Ease-of-access: agents prefer transaction systems that are simple and guide agents through the steps necessary to complete a transaction.
  • Time is money:  Adoption drops if agents have to enter their own data on their transactions.
  • TM on the go: Mobile integrated or compatible transaction software is critical for agents to adopt and actually use the technology.
  • Nice form: Systems that integrate forms agents need to complete transaction  have a higher adoption rate over those that do not.
  • Needed support: Transaction management systems show a higher adoption if there is a direct tech support staff available to assist the agent with using and troubleshooting the software system.

No matter what system used for transaction, one thing seems to remain true. The need for agents and brokers to move their deals and transactions to a digital space is not going away, and will only continue to move towards becoming the industry norm.

Save on Resources:

Pictured here: Poor lead management

Having a digital transaction management system frees up resources of your team ofagents, plain and simple. Having a system that manages your leads, contacts, and team members makes sure things that need doing never fall through the cracks. A digital “to-do” list is really a better option over your date book; they can be shared, tweaked, and collaborated on from all of your digital devices.

Keep track of your team:

A digital productivity system and increase the effectiveness of the way your team collaborates and works together, as well as providing a clear  trail on all the work completed. This can help brokers see what is getting done by who, and how effective certain agents are.

A Better Storage Solution:

Storing all of your documentay digitally allows you to throw that filing cabinet away.

Cloud storage is already integrated in most electronic devices.

Cloud-storage is the most efficient way to store and access your important documents and files. Instead of saving that important lead report on your PC or tucking it away in a cumbersome filing cabinet, files are saved digitally and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.

Cloud storage is changing the real estate game. The National Association of Realtors just invested $3 million to improve their cloud storage capabilities and 80 percent of businesses reported seeing improvement after just six months of changing over operations to cloud-storage.

But small operations enjoy benefits as well.

A poll of over 1,200 small businesses conducted by technology giant CDW discovered:

“…cloud users cite cost savings, increased efficiency and greater innovation as key benefits” and that “…across all industries, storage and conferencing and collaboration are the top cloud services and applications.”

Almost every area of business is adapting this technology and this can save you time and lots of physical space.

Relieve Stress:

Successful real estate agents know, the stressors of the job can really start to mount up and affect your personal life. A digital system to manage your business help alleviate these stressors. A digital productivity system helps get you ready for listing and showing appointments, finish and manage documents, keep track of your contacts and much, much more. Digital systems can really help keep everything in order, so you don’t have to.