The future is right around the corner, we are doing a second part of out future real estate tech right out of scifi. In case you missed the the first part, here it is. Now here is more tech that impacting the real estate industry in a big bad way. Scroll down to read the story.

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A hologram uses light and glass to project a three dimensional image, we have scene it in Star Wars, Minority Report, and hundereds of other science fiction movies. But holograms in the movies are based on very real technology used in the real world.

Shoe company Nike is the first company to use holograms as a advertising tactic, displaying their new shoe publicly at bus stops. The hologram display has great quality, running at 1080i resolution videos and can store up to 18 hours of compressed video at a bit rate of 4 MB per second.

Hologram technology from the 70’s has come a long way

Imagine how powerful this could be in the real estate industry, being able to project high resolution images of houses to sell. Where a potential buyer can see every nook and cranny of the property with ease. Now imagine you can do this with every house you have listed.

An agent and broker will only  be limited by their imagination, and the price tag. A basic hologram system can cost upwards of $10,000.

Battery powered homes

With all the recent news about Tesla expanding and focusing on home batteries , this tech is close to being realized. The battery will power the home on 100% clean energy for around $7,000.

As time goes on, more and more homes will be powered by battery people will want to get into these green energy homes. Agents and brokers need to be prepared for this, becoming knowledgeable about the advantages and disadvantages of running an electric home.

The Tesla Powerwall can ruun an entire home on clean energy. It is currently too expensive for wide-spread use but that is changing soon.

Education is key.


Data is used everyday to help tailor ads and content to users online. Everything you do, browse, buy, or click on is recorded and stored for use. Big data is already being used in real estate by companies like Zillow and SmartZip.

But utilizing data can be used at a broker level, to help agents close deals and grab a higher quality of clients. Utilizing data can sharpen your agents, boost your pitches, and make sure you don’ sell a property a penny less than market value.